Regardless of how you found yourself here, welcome!
Here’s a quick guide:

What is Soul Work For Moms?

Soul Work For Moms is for mothers who are having a hard time.
Whether it’s a hard day, a hard year, or a hard decade,
It’s a space that can be of comfort to mothers when they need it most.

I primarily do this through the podcast.
I mostly interview mothers and expert guests.

The mothers I interview on the show share their ups and downs, their struggles and strengths.
The expert guests share specific tips and insights that help us grow.

What does our community believe in?

Women in the Soul Work For Moms Community:
• Are committed to growing personally and spiritually
• Know that the personal desires and joy of a mother deeply matter
• Understand that through doing their Soul Work, they are changing the world.
(We call this “Evolution Through Mothering”)

What is Soul Work?

Soul Work” is defined around here as taking the painful parts of life, and working through them until you’ve come to a place of peace in that area. It’s shedding the parts that no longer serve you so that your true bright light can shine through.

Where Should I Start?

I suggest you start by listening to the podcast and joining the community by subscribing to get our newsletter.
From there, if you’d like to be involved more, you could join the private Facebook group or even be on the show (lots of opportunities for this here).


I used to really suffer in my role as a mom. Now, I see it as my spiritual practice and I can truly say I love it. I created Soul Work For Moms because I want to be of service to mothers who are struggling, because I believe all women are deserving of a life that brings them joy.

So glad to have you here.