Share Your Story

Soul Work For Moms is a place for women to share their stories of motherhood, and someone is out there right now waiting to hear YOUR story.

Not only is hearing the stories of others healing to the soul, SHARING your story is often even more healing.
I hear from guests all the time that they weren’t expecting the process of telling their story to feel like such a release : )

There are two ways to share your story on Soul Work For Moms

Blog Post

Write a blog post highlighting how you’ve grown (or are growing) through motherhood. This could be very general, like “Mothering has taught me patience.”, or it could be very specific, like “When my daughter told me ‘X’ it forced me to learn ‘Y'”. When submitting a piece, you can include pictures as long as you have permission to use the images (and can provide proof of permission if they were not taken by you). You are also welcome to provide links to your social media, links to books or resources that helped you through the time you’ve written about, etc. To submit a written piece, send to: michelle AT, with BLOG POST in the subject line. (No compensation will be offered for written pieces.)


Would you like to be a guest on the show? Send a short description of your story to: michelle AT, with PODCAST in the subject line, and we’ll go from there.

Can’t wait to hear your story!