Postpartum Depression, Surrender, and Trusting the Process w/ Olivia Gennett – episode #24


Today’s episode is about surrender, it’s about trusting the process, but really it’s about postpartum depression. Today Olivia Gennett is sharing her story of postpartum depression and how she decided to embrace it. She is now on the other side of it, and says it was truly a gift.

You’ll hear that Olivia chose not to treat her postpartum depression with drugs, so it’s important for me to remind you that I’m not a doctor or a counselor, and if you think that you may be suffeing from postpartum depression, please consult your health care provider for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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In this episode you’ll hear:soul-work-sheet-24
-The pressures of motherhood that Olivia faced, and where she thinks those came from
-What her childhood looked like and how it differed from her current family situation
-How faith/spirituality played into her depression
-What she was longing for during that time
-What she recommends for supporting the new moms that you know
-How she’s learned to “clock out” from motherhood
-How she came to realize she had PPD
-What her transformational perspective shift was
-Her words to any mother going through hard times
-What she wants ALL mothers to know
-Olivia’s 3 Soul Work Action Steps

Show Notes:

Olivia’s Reiki contact email:
From Olivia: Reiki has its origins in Japan through Dr. Mikao Usui and is used as an energy balancing technique.  All things are made of energy. Reiki means universal life force energy that flows throughout all living things.  When our life force energy is low or out of balance, Reiki is a technique for restoring that balance and harmony in the body as a whole—emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a very safe, natural, and gentle way to improve upon one’s self through spiritually guided energy flowing through the practitioner to the client. It is non-denominational. It works in harmony with all religions and philosophies. Reiki clients are fully clothed.  A deep sense of relaxation and calm can happen with the administering of Reiki.  Everyone is different, but many report feelings of peace, tranquility, and a general feeling of “All is well”.

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Soul Work Sheet #24

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