Mothering 6 Children & Navigating Change w/ Nicole Reblando – episode #2


Do you ever see those mothers who have 5, 6, or even more children who seem to do it with such ease?

Today’s guest is one of those moms. Nicole is kind, calm, and that seems to be how the rest of the family operates too. Get a glimpse into how she does it on today’s show.





In this episode you’ll hear:SoulWorkSheet02

-How Nicole balances home, children, and business.
-How she’s fostered an environment of little to no complaining in her house
-If she always knew she wanted a large family
-How she handles it when she feels one of her children is on the wrong path
-a BIG change she recently made in her life regarding her work/life balance
-her advice to all mothers, and mothers faced with making a difficult decision

Show Notes:
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The blog post that Nicole says really helped her process making her big decision

Soul Work Sheet 02

(photo provided by Nicole Reblando)

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