Addiction, Death and Using the Past as a Catalyst for Change w/ Molly Murray – episode #13


In today’s episode you’ll hear from a mother who has actively chosen to not be held back by a “broken childhood”, but instead use it as a catalyst for change. Molly Murray is a doula and mother of three who shares with us the power of intention and how important it is for mothers to reach out for support and not walk this path alone.




In this episode, you’ll hear:Soul Work Sheet 13
-how Molly lost her mother and ended up living a women’s crisis center as a child
-how she chooses to look back on her childhood and see mostly happy times, despite the dark times
-why she feels that her path was meant to be here for her growth
-how the birth of her second child “changed everything”
-what the power of intention has done for her life
-the importance that gathering in circle with other women holds for her
-why she wants every mother to have support
-why she focuses on the here and now


(photo from Molly’s Women’s Circle)

Show Notes:

Molly Murray Birth Doula

Molly on Facebook

Cincinnati Birth and Parenting Network

The Singing Circle Molly attends

Songwriter that Molly recommends: Shelly Graff

Soul Work Sheet 13

Song Lyrics:

Song one:
throw a stone into the water
making circles for young girls
stones can harm you
stones will heal the world
choose them wisely
change the world

Song two:
giving birth 1000 times (x 2)
to be a mother of so much (x 2)
this life I’m the spindle of this life (x 2)
it moves so quickly it move so fast (x 2)
there will be stillness but not yet (x 2)
this life I’m the spindle of this life

Song three:
weave and spin
weave and spin
this is how our work begins
mend and heal
mend and heal
take the dream and make it real.

Additional links:

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The Millionth Circle Book  (as mentioned in episode 5 with Pixie Lighthorse)

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