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Keeping Innocence, Imagination & Magic Alive w/ April Combs Mann – episode #30

I’m so thrilled to bring April Combs Mann to you today! April is SUCH a talented musician, and she’s combinedMore »

Working Mom Guilt & Transitioning Back to Work w/ Katelyn Denning – episode #29

Katelyn Denning is a full-time working mother of two, a wife and a life coach who mentors new moms just returning toMore »

Increase Parenting Satisfaction w/ Ignore It! author Dr. Catherine Pearlman – episode #28

Dr. Catherine Pearlman is the founder of The Family Coach, a private practice specializing in helping families resolveMore »

Politics, Spirituality, & Motherhood w/ Lola Wright – episode #27

A fresh and upcoming voice reminding us of our shared humanity, Lola Wright was raised by hip-hop and has navigatedMore »

Diets, Oppression & the Well-fed Woman w/ Rachel W. Cole – episode #26

I invited today’s guest on the show after seeing a picture on her Instagram feed that stopped me in my tracks: “TheMore »

City Living & Montessori Life w/ Lindsay Dewald – episode #25

Lindsay Dewald is a wife, the mother of two young girls and a small business owner in Cincinnati Ohio. She and herMore »

Postpartum Depression, Surrender, and Trusting the Process w/ Olivia Gennett – episode #24

Today’s episode is about surrender, it’s about trusting the process, but really it’s about postpartum depression.More »

Relationships, Anger, and Giving Families w/ Beth Nowak – episode #23

Beth Nowak is a believer, dreamer, wife and mother, former teacher, successful entrepreneur, TEDx presenter,More »

Grace, Switching Paths, & Creativity as Meditation w/ Kerrie Woodhouse – episode #22

Kerrie Woodhouse is a mother to twins, and she used to do a whole lot of what she calls: Very Serious Things.More »

Adoption, Letting Go of the Plan, and Making Each Day a Little Special w/ Maria Emmerich – episode #21

Maria Emmerich is a National and International Best Selling author of “The Ketogenic Cookbook“. She’s alsoMore »

Career, Guilt & Possibilities w/ Kelly Rae Roberts – episode #20

How do those mothers who have created a career from scratch, doing what they love, make it happen? How does the careerMore »

Travel & Fulfilling Life Dreams w/ Martha Nieset – episode #19

One of the hardest parts of mothering can be feeling that our dreams and desires for OUR lives need to be put on holdMore »

Mother Loss & Delayed Grieving w/ Peg Conway – episode #18

Losing her mother at the age of 7, Peg Conway says that grief was the main soul work theme of her motherhood journey.More »

Exhaustion and Depletion in Motherhood w/ Ellen Boeder – episode #17

Do you know what “resources” you? What gives you energy rather than takes away? What worked for you beforeMore »

Leaving Her Marriage and Finding Herself w/ Jen Trulson – episode #16

Today’s guest, Jen Trulson, says she found herself during the 6 months that she was separated from her husband.More »

Self-Care, Your Inner-Critic, and False Beliefs w/ Michelle Schrag – episode #15

Today’s episode is with Michelle Schrag, the author of A Mother’s Manual for Self Care. If you areMore »

Conscious Parenting & Trusting Your Child’s Path w/ Annmarie Chereso – episode #14

Parenting phrases like “mindfulness”, “presence” and “consciousness” are poppingMore »

Addiction, Death and Using the Past as a Catalyst for Change w/ Molly Murray – episode #13

In today’s episode you’ll hear from a mother who has actively chosen to not be held back by aMore »

Exercise and Your Mental Health w/ Dr. Christina Hibbert – episode #12

Today I chat with psychologist and mother of 6, Dr. Christina Hibbert on ways to support your mental health.More »

Homesteading, Homeschooling, and Connecting with the Earth w/ Sarah Mancino – episode #11

Some women have such a calming energy that you can’t help but feel a desire to slow down after being in contactMore »

Gratitude, Intention, & Reframing “Being Busy” w/ Rachel DesRochers – episode #10

I’m thrilled to share today’s podcast episode with Rachel DesRochers, founder of Grateful Grahams, TheMore »

Sexuality & Motherhood w/ Sex & Relationship Counselor Julie Jeske – episode #9

Sex and intimacy is often a difficult subject even before we have children. Once motherhood enters the picture, it’s aMore »

The Shift To Becoming a SAHM & Not Feeling Like the “Mothering Type” w/ Sarah McGinnis – episode #8

If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t “the mothering type”, or if you had a hard transitionMore »

Yoga, Meditation & the Perfection of Imperfection w/ Gina Fennell – episode #7

What does a punk rock yogi do when she finds out at 23 weeks that she’s having a baby? Hear from this yogaMore »

After the Fairy Tale: When “The Perfect Life” Isn’t Perfect At All w/ Nancy Simpson – episode #6

Today’s episode touches on an extremely important issue: domestic abuse. Nancy is a mother of 5 grown childrenMore »

Sisterhood & Motherhood as a Rite of Passage w/ Pixie Lighthorse – episode #5

Did you honor your changing role as mother upon the arrival of each of your children? If not, noMore »

Twins, Blogging & the Realities of Becoming a Mother w/ Emily May – episode #4

What does a DIY/Lifestyle blogger go through when her non-stop lifestyle is turned upside down by the birth of twins?More »

Deciding to Leave Work to Stay at Home w/ Miranda Peters – episode #3

Making the decision to quit work to stay at home with your children isn’t always easy. In today’s episode,More »

Mothering 6 Children & Navigating Change w/ Nicole Reblando – episode #2

Do you ever see those mothers who have 5, 6, or even more children who seem to do it with such ease? Today’sMore »

Home & Making Choices w/ Liz Bell Young – episode #1

It’s here. The first episode of The Soul Work For Moms Podcast, and I couldn’t think of a betterMore »