City Living & Montessori Life w/ Lindsay Dewald – episode #25


Lindsay Dewald is a wife, the mother of two young girls and a small business owner in Cincinnati Ohio. She and her husband started The City Flea (a curated, urban flea market that runs monthly May-December) and are just about to wrap up their 6th year of business. Together they are passionate about their community, small business, Montessori education, and design. They just recently built a home in the historic neighborhood of Over-The-Rhine, where Lindsay spends her days making home and mothering. Today, you’ll hear Lindsay talk about how she got into the Montessori lifestyle, how her experience of mothering was turned upside down after the birth of her second child, as well as the joys and realities of city living.

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In this episode you’ll hear:soul-work-sheet-25
-what childhood was like for Lindsay
-how she knew she wanted to be a mother
-how she ended up going into Montessori teaching
-how her perspective of teaching changed once becoming a mother
-how her Montessori home is set up
-what surprised Lindsay most about motherhood
-how her business fits into being a mom
-how she’s grown since having children
-what life has been like since moving into their new downtown home
-her message to mothers everywhere

Show Notes:
Lindsay’s Blog: Our City House
Lindsay on Instagram
The City Flea
ome of Lindsay’s favorite Instagram accounts:

Soul Work Sheet #25


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