Grace, Switching Paths, & Creativity as Meditation w/ Kerrie Woodhouse – episode #22



Kerrie Woodhouse is a mother to twins, and she used to do a whole lot of what she calls: Very Serious Things. But a few years ago she says she came to her senses and remembered that life is supposed to be fun. For Kerrie, creative expression is fun. So she creates something with paint and words every day… and then..she posts it on Instagram. Kerrie has just published her first book, Finding Grace. It’s is an illustrated book for adults that explores the meaning of grace and its power to help us find acceptance of what we do not have in our lives in order to begin to find the joy in what we do have.
Finding Grace is  dedicated to Kerrie’s dear friend who was bravely battling breast cancer at around the time I started drawing the whimsical little girls that now appear in the book.
Kerrie says that While drawing these girls and spending time with her friend during her treatment for breast cancer she spent a lot of time contemplating grace. As such, in her book, she’s included quotations about grace that she found meaningful, along with her own thoughts on this most admirable quality.


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In this episode you’ll hear:

-How Kerrie became an artist after being an accountant and university lecturer (with a PhD in Financial Accounting!)
-The struggle that she experienced with identity after taking a career break, and what got her through it
-The special friendship that came from mothering and art, and how it inspired her to write a book
-How this book has helped her with the grieving process
-How she prioritizes art in her mom life
-Her suggestion for making creative time a priority in your day

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Kerrie Woodhouse
Kerrie on Instagram
Kerrie’s Book: Finding Grace: The Path to Acceptance






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Episode #22 Soul Work Sheet

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