Career, Guilt & Possibilities w/ Kelly Rae Roberts – episode #20

kelly rae roberts

How do those mothers who have created a career from scratch, doing what they love, make it happen? How does the career fit into their role as mother? How do they handle the financial pressure? When do they feel vulnerable? Those are some of the things I talk about with today’s guest-artist and mother, Kelly Rae Roberts.

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In this episode you’ll hear:Soul Work Sheet 20

-why Kelly Rae calls herself a “possibilitarian”
-how she transitioned from a social work career to full-time artist
-her views on what to do when artistic inspiration hits
-why she had to detox from the thought-process of always producing
-what she did with the intense “mom-guilt” that showed up after giving birth
-how they transitioned to her husband staying at home with their son
-her go-to parenting resources
-how her “Wear Your Joy” project changed her life
-what she wants all mothers to know

Show Notes:
Wear Your Joy Project
Taking Flight: Inspiration & Techniques to give your creative spirit wings: Free first chapter on the web!
Flying Lessons: Let’s Make Your Creative Biz Soar is a beautifully designed, highly interactive (261 pages!) ebook.
Brave Girl Symposium
Raising Cane
Brene´ Brown, The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting Audio Program

Soul Work Sheet 20

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