Sexuality & Motherhood w/ Sex & Relationship Counselor Julie Jeske – episode #9


Sex and intimacy is often a difficult subject even before we have children. Once motherhood enters the picture, it’s a whole different ball game. Sex and relationship counselor, Julie Jeske talks about the most common changes women experience in their sex lives after becoming mothers.

In this episode you’ll hear:Soul Work Sheet 09
-what sex therapy actually is
-what changes Julie sees most often in clients who are mothers
-what steps we can take to come to terms with these changes
-conversation around society’s views of mothers and sexuality
-the difference between sensuality and sexuality
-the difference between sexuality and “sexiness”
-what you’re missing out on if you shut yourself down sexually
-if you can make progress in sex therapy if your partner is shut down
-what Julie has to say to single mamas
-Julie’s biggest surprise about sexuality after becoming a mother
-what Julie is most proud of in her work
-the one thing Julie wants all mothers to remember

Show notes:
Julie on Instagram
Esther Perel

Soul Work Sheet 09

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(photo provided by Julie Jeske)

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