Yoga, Meditation & the Perfection of Imperfection w/ Gina Fennell – episode #7


What does a punk rock yogi do when she finds out at 23 weeks that she’s having a baby? Hear from this yoga teacher about what yoga and meditation can do for you, and how she’s teaching her daughter to love the messiness of life.

In this episode you’ll hear:
Soul Work Sheet 07
-Gina’s journey to becoming a mother
-how it was that Gina was only knowingly pregnant for 3 months before having her daughter
-what Gina sees as the benefits to yoga and meditation
-how going through divorce affected Gina spiritually
-what the biggest surprise has been for her since becoming a mother
-what she wants her daughter to remember about childhood
-what Gina wants every mother to remember

Show Notes:

Gina on Instagram

Metta Meditation

Girls on the Run

Simply Power Yoga

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(photo provided by Gina Fennell)

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