3 Things to Remember If You Feel Sick & Scared about the Election… [Blog Post]


“I’m terrified.”
“I’m just so depressed.”
“I’m legitimately about to have a meltdown.”
“Who knew how many Americans hated women?”
“Shaking and feeling nauseated.”
“I’m having a complete nervous breakdown.”
“How will I look my daughter in the eyes tomorrow morning?”
“How did this happen? I’m afraid for the country.”

These were just some of the many comments on my Facebook feed as the voting results started coming in. In one of the most historic elections in history, many will be broken-hearted, and some will be filled with fear. Despite all of this, in order to truly change the collective consciousness of the world, we need to remember these 3 things:

  1. We must have compassion for those with whom we disagree. Compassion for those who voted for the other candidate, to compassion for the other candidate themselves. What motivates them to think the way they do? What innocent human needs are they trying to satisfy? What has manifested in their own personal history to lead them to think and behave the way they do? When have we desired to satisfy that same need? All beings are deserving of compassion.
  2. We must show others what love looks like. Show your children what love looks like while you explain the results of the election. Bad-mouthing the other candidate or the people of this country only spreads more hate. Show the masculine in our lives the love of the feminine…the feminine energy that is nurturing and fierce, but nurturing and fierce to their benefit, not their detriment. Show the masculine the value of the feminine by loving it, not by fighting it… so that it may be bathed in the waters of nurturing connection. The only way to dismantle the fear of the feminine is by reminding the masculine of the value of it’s loving properties in real time.
  3. We must stay committed to our personal practice. We must be responsible for the vibration we put into the world. We can’t hate the hate–darkness is only dispelled by light, and hate is only dispelled by love. We can only change the world by changing ourselves. We must heal in ourselves what we hate in others. Do not wish for others to change, but commit to deepening the change in yourself.

Take space the next few days…space to question the origin of your thoughts. Space to evaluate the impact of your words. Space to act out of intention instead of reaction. Are you acting from love or fear? If you want more love in the world, there is only one way to get it…you must be an act of love yourself.

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