Exercise and Your Mental Health w/ Dr. Christina Hibbert – episode #12

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Today I chat with psychologist and mother of 6, Dr. Christina Hibbert on ways to support your mental health. Christi is the author of several books, including the IPPY Award-winning memoir, This Is How We Grow, of Who Am I Without You, and her newest book, 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise, which is being released today! Dr. Hibbert is a clinical psychologist specializing in women’s mental health, grief/loss/trauma, motherhood, parenting, pregnancy/postpartum, self-esteem/self-worth, and personal growth, and is the host of the weekly radio show, Motherhood, on WebTalkRadio.net. She is a WEALTH of information, specifically in the areas of motherhood. Perfect for the show!

In this episode, you’ll hear:Soul Work Sheet 12

-How exercise literally changes your brain health
-Why mothers specifically should be taking advantage of this
-What to do when you don’t feel like exercising
-Dr. Hibbert’s exercise routine
-Other tips for supporting your mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs
-What Dr. Hibbert does when she doesn’t feel like following her own advice
-How she feels like she’s changed since becoming a mother
-What she wants YOU to know, more than anything!

Show Notes:8-Keys-to-Mental-Health-Through-Exercise-cover-200x300

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Motherhood Radio Show
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8 Keys To Mental Health Through Exercise (Just released TODAY!!!)

This Is How We Grow:A Psychologist’s Memoir of Loss, Motherhood,
& Discovering Self-Worth & Joy, One Season at a Time

Who Am I Without You: 52 Ways to Rebuild Self-Esteem After a Breakup

Soul Work Sheet 12

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