Today’s episode is about surrender, it’s about trusting the process, but really it’s about postpartum depression. Today Olivia Gennett is sharing her story of postpartum depression and how she decided to embrace it. She is now on the other side of it, and says it was truly a gift.

You’ll hear that Olivia chose not to treat her postpartum depression with drugs, so it’s important for me to remind you that I’m not a doctor or a counselor, and if you think that you may be suffeing from postpartum depression, please consult your health care provider for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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In this episode you’ll hear:soul-work-sheet-24
-The pressures of motherhood that Olivia faced, and where she thinks those came from
-What her childhood looked like and how it differed from her current family situation
-How faith/spirituality played into her depression
-What she was longing for during that time
-What she recommends for supporting the new moms that you know
-How she’s learned to “clock out” from motherhood
-How she came to realize she had PPD
-What her transformational perspective shift was
-Her words to any mother going through hard times
-What she wants ALL mothers to know
-Olivia’s 3 Soul Work Action Steps

Show Notes:

Olivia’s Reiki contact email:
From Olivia: Reiki has its origins in Japan through Dr. Mikao Usui and is used as an energy balancing technique.  All things are made of energy. Reiki means universal life force energy that flows throughout all living things.  When our life force energy is low or out of balance, Reiki is a technique for restoring that balance and harmony in the body as a whole—emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a very safe, natural, and gentle way to improve upon one’s self through spiritually guided energy flowing through the practitioner to the client. It is non-denominational. It works in harmony with all religions and philosophies. Reiki clients are fully clothed.  A deep sense of relaxation and calm can happen with the administering of Reiki.  Everyone is different, but many report feelings of peace, tranquility, and a general feeling of “All is well”.

Recommended by Olivia:
Denise Craven LMT
Elizabeth Hendrickson

Soul Work Sheet #24

For More Information Regarding Postpartum Depression:
Postpartum Depression Support: http://www.postpartumprogress.com

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Beth Nowak is a believer, dreamer, wife and mother, former teacher, successful entrepreneur, TEDx presenter, inspirational speaker, and mental health activist. After enduring a series of traumatic events as a child, she attempted to fill her emotional voids in a variety of unhealthy ways, including drugs and alcohol, binging and purging, cutting and other self-harming behaviors, ultimately leading to severe depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts as a teen and young adult. Hiding behind academic achievements, she earned her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters Degree in Montessori Education before teaching Kindergarten for 12 years in one of the highest-achieving school districts in the country. Desperately searching for ways to help young children find purpose and passion to help increase their self-esteem, she resigned from teaching in 2012 to create Giving Families and its Good Mail Challenges. She now shares her story with people of all ages, inspiring them to overcome their past so they can live in the present and enjoy the future. In this episode, I talk with Beth about her childhood and how that has influenced her mothering, what she’s learned about anger and forgiveness, and how she raises her children to be givers.

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In this episode you’ll hear:soul-work-sheet-pic-23

-Beth describe her traumatic childhood that caused her to “emotionally die” at the age of 5
-why Beth believes this led her to desire a career as a kindergarten teacher
-how she always wanted to be a mother, but was also terrified of having children when the time finally came
-the family motto that Beth uses with her children
-how faith plays into her life
-why helping others is so beneficial to a healthy self-esteem
-how a Thanksgiving experience and a friend’s comment about Christmas sparked and idea to help families help others
-why Beth doesn’t believe in wrapping up her keynotes with a happy ending
-what she does when anger shows up in her life

Show Notes:



Mentioned in the show:

Giving Families: Good Mail Challenges
Soul Work Sheet #23
Link to Soul Work Action Sheet Reference from Beth
Rachel Macy Stafford, Hands Free Mama

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

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“I’m terrified.”
“I’m just so depressed.”
“I’m legitimately about to have a meltdown.”
“Who knew how many Americans hated women?”
“Shaking and feeling nauseated.”
“I’m having a complete nervous breakdown.”
“How will I look my daughter in the eyes tomorrow morning?”
“How did this happen? I’m afraid for the country.”

These were just some of the many comments on my Facebook feed as the voting results started coming in. In one of the most historic elections in history, many will be broken-hearted, and some will be filled with fear. Despite all of this, in order to truly change the collective consciousness of the world, we need to remember these 3 things:

  1. We must have compassion for those with whom we disagree. Compassion for those who voted for the other candidate, to compassion for the other candidate themselves. What motivates them to think the way they do? What innocent human needs are they trying to satisfy? What has manifested in their own personal history to lead them to think and behave the way they do? When have we desired to satisfy that same need? All beings are deserving of compassion.
  2. We must show others what love looks like. Show your children what love looks like while you explain the results of the election. Bad-mouthing the other candidate or the people of this country only spreads more hate. Show the masculine in our lives the love of the feminine…the feminine energy that is nurturing and fierce, but nurturing and fierce to their benefit, not their detriment. Show the masculine the value of the feminine by loving it, not by fighting it… so that it may be bathed in the waters of nurturing connection. The only way to dismantle the fear of the feminine is by reminding the masculine of the value of it’s loving properties in real time.
  3. We must stay committed to our personal practice. We must be responsible for the vibration we put into the world. We can’t hate the hate–darkness is only dispelled by light, and hate is only dispelled by love. We can only change the world by changing ourselves. We must heal in ourselves what we hate in others. Do not wish for others to change, but commit to deepening the change in yourself.

Take space the next few days…space to question the origin of your thoughts. Space to evaluate the impact of your words. Space to act out of intention instead of reaction. Are you acting from love or fear? If you want more love in the world, there is only one way to get it…you must be an act of love yourself.

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Kerrie Woodhouse is a mother to twins, and she used to do a whole lot of what she calls: Very Serious Things. But a few years ago she says she came to her senses and remembered that life is supposed to be fun. For Kerrie, creative expression is fun. So she creates something with paint and words every day… and then..she posts it on Instagram. Kerrie has just published her first book, Finding Grace. It’s is an illustrated book for adults that explores the meaning of grace and its power to help us find acceptance of what we do not have in our lives in order to begin to find the joy in what we do have.
Finding Grace is  dedicated to Kerrie’s dear friend who was bravely battling breast cancer at around the time I started drawing the whimsical little girls that now appear in the book.
Kerrie says that While drawing these girls and spending time with her friend during her treatment for breast cancer she spent a lot of time contemplating grace. As such, in her book, she’s included quotations about grace that she found meaningful, along with her own thoughts on this most admirable quality.


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In this episode you’ll hear:

-How Kerrie became an artist after being an accountant and university lecturer (with a PhD in Financial Accounting!)
-The struggle that she experienced with identity after taking a career break, and what got her through it
-The special friendship that came from mothering and art, and how it inspired her to write a book
-How this book has helped her with the grieving process
-How she prioritizes art in her mom life
-Her suggestion for making creative time a priority in your day

Show Notes:soul-work-sheet-22

Kerrie Woodhouse
Kerrie on Instagram
Kerrie’s Book: Finding Grace: The Path to Acceptance






Mentioned on the show:
#100daysproject: Elle Luna
The Creativity Cure, by Carrie Barron
Episode #22 Soul Work Sheet

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Maria Emmerich is a National and International Best Selling author of “The Ketogenic Cookbook“. She’s also authored 8 other books including several cookbooks and 3 nutritional guide books including “Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism”  Her newest book is called “Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking”. Maria lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their two children, and today, she shares her family’s adoption story with us.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

-How Maria knew that adoption was what she was meant to do
-A major setback that she and her husband experienced soon after starting the adoption process
-How the community supported Maria and her husband, and how the setback ultimately led her to her current career success
-What fears she had throughout the process, and what fears she still has
-How Maria grew/changed through the adoption process
-What her mother said to her when she was down that completely changed her perspective
-How she first bonded with the boys
-The one question that she really wishes other people would quit asking
-What resource help her the most while going through the process
-Something that a friend told her that helped Maria see the adoption process as a blessing instead of feeling sad about not going through pregnancy
-How mothering is different from what she thought it would be
-How her family keep a tie to Ethiopia
-How they talk about adoption to their children
-Her advice for anyone going through the adoption process
-What she learned about herself through this process
-What Maria wants all mothers to know

Show Notes:


Maria’s Websites:

Maria’s Latest Book: (Which I own and LOVE)









FREE Soul Work Sheet: specifically tailored to this episode

Link to the gratitude quote from Maria’s Soul Work Action Step

*There’s a bonus clip of Maria talking about the inspiration behind her Soul Work Action Step in the  Soul Work For Moms Facebook Group! Are you a part of the group? If so, you are automatically entered to win ALL Soul Work For Moms giveaways!!

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