A fresh and upcoming voice reminding us of our shared humanity, Lola Wright was raised by hip-hop and has navigated domestic abuse, addiction, corporate success, and welfare.  Lola is the leader of a preeminent mindfulness-based community organization in Chicago.  A wife and mother of 4 children, she is a reminder of power, faith, trust and straight up determination.  Lola is a strong voice who reminds her listeners “Come on, we got this!”

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In this episode we talk about:

-Having a sense of self and knowing who you are
-Spiritual Bypassing
-Balancing our well-being with political action
-Being role models of compassion and connection for our children
-Curiosity as a bridge builder
-What Lola’s “Love Prayer” is
-Masculine and feminine energy in the political world
-Holy disrupters
-The energy of anger

Mentioned on the show:Soul Work Sheet PIC 27

Lola Wright
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Bodhi Spiritual Center
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The Conscious Parenting Summit by BringIt! Home
Sister Giant

Marianne Williamson
The Young Turks
Lion’s Roar Article Anger


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I invited today’s guest on the show after seeing a picture on her Instagram feed that stopped me in my tracks:

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.51.08 AM

“The urge to diet is rooted in your oppression.”
Say what?! I HAD to know more! Listen in to hear Rachel talk (very convincingly) about why we should not be dieting, and instead listening to our bodies, and feeding our hungers!

Rachel Cole is a certified life coach, celebrated teacher, and women’s empowerment expert. She has spent ten years guiding women to identify, understand and feed their truest hungers – at and away from the table. As an eating disorder survivor herself, Rachel speaks with great wisdom, sensitivity, and authority about what it takes to live as a well-fed woman in the modern world. She has traveled across the United States and internationally speaking and teaching to sold-out gatherings of women on how they too can find ease and fulfillment in their lives simply by honoring their own hungers. Rachel holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

*Since one of the topics we will be covering today is eating disorders, I want to remind you that I’m not a doctor or therapist, and the opinions shared here are not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare professionals.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

-how time and energy spent dieting is time and energy taken away from other parts of our lives
-the idea that the “ideal” body image is a construct of patriarchy
-our obsession with being “healthy” and it’s effects on our brain
-the current cultural ideal of beauty, and redefining what attractive is
-that the current narrow definition of women’s beauty creates an epidemic of women who are uncomfortable in their own skin
-how we tend to attract relationships with people who treat us with the same respect as we treat ourselves
-about the health at every size paradigm
-the importance of balancing physical, emotional and mental health
-about achieving health without losing weight
-what a “well-fed woman” is
-the connection between hungers away from the table and unhealthy relationships with food
-how intuitive eating can be seen as a form of activism
-how to open up space for more connection with people
-how to tell if you’re on a diet
-that no matter how long you’ve had a chaotic relationship with food, you can return to intuitive eating, because we are all born with it
-how paranoia around our kids’ sugar intake might be setting them up for an unhealthy relationship with food
-what to do if you find yourself rebounding after a long time of restricting


Rachel’s websiteSoul Work Sheet PIC 26
Rachel on Instagram
Rachel on Facebook
Rachel on Twitter
Rachel on Pinterest

Mentioned on the show:
Brit Bravo:
The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women

Intuitive Eating: A Recovery Book For The Chronic Dieter; Rediscover The Pleasures Of Eating And Rebuild Your Body Image

National Eating Disorder Association

Soul Work Sheet #26

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Lindsay Dewald is a wife, the mother of two young girls and a small business owner in Cincinnati Ohio. She and her husband started The City Flea (a curated, urban flea market that runs monthly May-December) and are just about to wrap up their 6th year of business. Together they are passionate about their community, small business, Montessori education, and design. They just recently built a home in the historic neighborhood of Over-The-Rhine, where Lindsay spends her days making home and mothering. Today, you’ll hear Lindsay talk about how she got into the Montessori lifestyle, how her experience of mothering was turned upside down after the birth of her second child, as well as the joys and realities of city living.

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In this episode you’ll hear:soul-work-sheet-25
-what childhood was like for Lindsay
-how she knew she wanted to be a mother
-how she ended up going into Montessori teaching
-how her perspective of teaching changed once becoming a mother
-how her Montessori home is set up
-what surprised Lindsay most about motherhood
-how her business fits into being a mom
-how she’s grown since having children
-what life has been like since moving into their new downtown home
-her message to mothers everywhere

Show Notes:
Lindsay’s Blog: Our City House
Lindsay on Instagram
The City Flea
ome of Lindsay’s favorite Instagram accounts:

Soul Work Sheet #25


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Today’s episode is about surrender, it’s about trusting the process, but really it’s about postpartum depression. Today Olivia Gennett is sharing her story of postpartum depression and how she decided to embrace it. She is now on the other side of it, and says it was truly a gift.

You’ll hear that Olivia chose not to treat her postpartum depression with drugs, so it’s important for me to remind you that I’m not a doctor or a counselor, and if you think that you may be suffeing from postpartum depression, please consult your health care provider for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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In this episode you’ll hear:soul-work-sheet-24
-The pressures of motherhood that Olivia faced, and where she thinks those came from
-What her childhood looked like and how it differed from her current family situation
-How faith/spirituality played into her depression
-What she was longing for during that time
-What she recommends for supporting the new moms that you know
-How she’s learned to “clock out” from motherhood
-How she came to realize she had PPD
-What her transformational perspective shift was
-Her words to any mother going through hard times
-What she wants ALL mothers to know
-Olivia’s 3 Soul Work Action Steps

Show Notes:

Olivia’s Reiki contact email:
From Olivia: Reiki has its origins in Japan through Dr. Mikao Usui and is used as an energy balancing technique.  All things are made of energy. Reiki means universal life force energy that flows throughout all living things.  When our life force energy is low or out of balance, Reiki is a technique for restoring that balance and harmony in the body as a whole—emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a very safe, natural, and gentle way to improve upon one’s self through spiritually guided energy flowing through the practitioner to the client. It is non-denominational. It works in harmony with all religions and philosophies. Reiki clients are fully clothed.  A deep sense of relaxation and calm can happen with the administering of Reiki.  Everyone is different, but many report feelings of peace, tranquility, and a general feeling of “All is well”.

Recommended by Olivia:
Denise Craven LMT
Elizabeth Hendrickson

Soul Work Sheet #24

For More Information Regarding Postpartum Depression:
Postpartum Depression Support:

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Beth Nowak is a believer, dreamer, wife and mother, former teacher, successful entrepreneur, TEDx presenter, inspirational speaker, and mental health activist. After enduring a series of traumatic events as a child, she attempted to fill her emotional voids in a variety of unhealthy ways, including drugs and alcohol, binging and purging, cutting and other self-harming behaviors, ultimately leading to severe depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts as a teen and young adult. Hiding behind academic achievements, she earned her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters Degree in Montessori Education before teaching Kindergarten for 12 years in one of the highest-achieving school districts in the country. Desperately searching for ways to help young children find purpose and passion to help increase their self-esteem, she resigned from teaching in 2012 to create Giving Families and its Good Mail Challenges. She now shares her story with people of all ages, inspiring them to overcome their past so they can live in the present and enjoy the future. In this episode, I talk with Beth about her childhood and how that has influenced her mothering, what she’s learned about anger and forgiveness, and how she raises her children to be givers.

*Join the Soul Work For Moms Facebook group because one lucky member will be chosen to receive a FREE 1 year membership to Giving Families (description here)

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In this episode you’ll hear:soul-work-sheet-pic-23

-Beth describe her traumatic childhood that caused her to “emotionally die” at the age of 5
-why Beth believes this led her to desire a career as a kindergarten teacher
-how she always wanted to be a mother, but was also terrified of having children when the time finally came
-the family motto that Beth uses with her children
-how faith plays into her life
-why helping others is so beneficial to a healthy self-esteem
-how a Thanksgiving experience and a friend’s comment about Christmas sparked and idea to help families help others
-why Beth doesn’t believe in wrapping up her keynotes with a happy ending
-what she does when anger shows up in her life

Show Notes:



Mentioned in the show:

Giving Families: Good Mail Challenges
Soul Work Sheet #23
Link to Soul Work Action Sheet Reference from Beth
Rachel Macy Stafford, Hands Free Mama

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

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